Self Care Pamper Pack - Kids
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Self Care Pamper Pack - Kids

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Self care for children comes in many forms

For example it might be riding their bike, going for a walk, or a fun activity with family.

Our children need to know that they deserve self care just like we do as adults, and that self care can be fun and enjoyable. Thats why we have put together a pamper pack just for kids.

Having their own pamper pack full of bath goodies and fun activities is a great way to encourage self care.

Your child's 'Self Care Pamper Pack' includes:

1 x Bath Bomb (70g)

1 x Mini Fizzy Bath Soak (100g)

1 x Lavender Rub (15g)

1 x Whipped Bath Butter (120g)

+ A few novelty goodies are included: Pencil, stickers, activity book and stamp.

Available colour themes are pink, purple, blue, green & yellow.